The Children’s Heart Foundation New York Chapter is committed to the children of our state. Here are some of the local children helped by the important research and advocacy efforts of our chapter and those we honor who are no longer with us, but in whose memory we work.



I am Olivia.
I am a dancer and I love music.
I am a lover of my blanky, shoes, and my big brother Zachary.
I am a climber.
I am a smiley baby girl.
I am Olivia.

Olivia is thriving with Tetralogy of Fallot. She had one open heart surgery at six weeks of age and she will likely need another to replace her pulmonary valve. Olivia is alive today due to the many advances in cardiology over years. These advances are only possible with continued funding for research and treatment of CHD’s.




I am Dominick
I am a super fast racer.
I am a puzzle master.
I am a playground enthusiast.
I am a muscian.
I am Dominick.

Dominick is surviving and thriving with Shone’s Complex. He’s had closed heart surgery, a ballon angioplasty and open heart surgery. With technology getting better and better everyday, hopefully he will not need any additional surgeries. (Kim Pace Photography)



I am Reagan I am brave I am a free spirit I am a cheerleader  I am an actress  I am a daughter, sister, and a friend I am Reagan


I am Reagan
I am brave
I am a free spirit
I am a cheerleader
I am an actress
I am a daughter, sister, and a friend
I am Reagan

Reagan is 7 years old, with coarctation of the aorta, three ventricle septal defects, an atrial septal defect, and subaortic stenosis.  Because of her amazing medical team and continuing research, Reagan’s congenital heart defects were discovered before she was born.  She has had three open heart surgeries and continues to be monitored closely.  Reagan is able to live a happy and healthy life with her friends and family thanks to her doctors and continued research in the area of congenital heart defects from The Children’s Heart Foundation.  (Dansta  Photography)




I am Gabrielle
I am a warrior
I am a dancer and music listener
I am smiley, happy girl
I am a lover of the life I have fought so hard for and my brother Asher
I am Gabrielle

Gabrielle is 2 years old and has HLHS and PVS. She is alive today because of the research that has been done regarding congenital heart defects and pulmonary vein stenosis at Childrens Hospital Boston . They are the only hospital in the United States that has a program dedicated to PVS. Future research will allow even more children with CHD’s to lead healthy and productive lives.


Heart Angels



Charlie had Truncus Arteriosus. She was born on December 5, 2008 and had 3 open heart surgeries shortly after her birth. Charlie passed away on February 16, 2009. With an increase in research, heart kids such as Charlie will have an opportunity to lead long and healthy lives.









After Lucas was born, he came home from the hospital with undiagnosed complex congenital heart disease known as Transposition of the Great Arteries Type D. He was first diagnosed at three weeks old and spent the next three weeks in ICU where he required emergency open-heart surgery. Sadly, Lucas passed away 24 hours after his surgery. We remember Lucas every single day; he was a fighter and a true warrior. He lives in our hearts and in the hearts of those he touched with his magic.






Chloe and her heart-healthy twin brother were born thirteen years ago. They came into the world a month earlier than their scheduled due date. Chloe was diagnosed with HLHS. Three days later she had her first open heart surgery and although it was initially a success, her 4 lb 9 oz body was too small for the smallest shunt. Her body shut down and she passed away 9 days after she was born. Through research, great strides have been made in treatment for congenital heart defects since Chloe was born. With continued research we will improved upon treatment and will one day find a way to prevent CHDs.

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